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China Recycling Development Co., Ltd., a leading company in resource recycling,was established in May 1989 and subordinate to China Co-ops Group.As the largest resource recycling company in China,CRDC has more than 50 branches or subsidiary companies and about 3,000 recycling stations as well as five recycling demonstration bases in Qingyuan of Guangdong Province, Changzhou of Jiangsu Province, Neijiang of Sichuan Province, Luoyang of Henan Province and Linyi of Jiangsu Province.All companies mentioned above are integrated into management by five big recycling network centers according to region:Central China, East China, South China, South-West China and North-East China.Today CRDC's overall business area mounts to 5,000,000 square meters and employs over 3,000 people nationwide, offering 50,000 job opportunities. In 2010, CRDC sold more than 4,800,000 tons of recyclable materials and achieved a tax-exclusive sale income of 15.8 billion RMB, making a tax-collusive profit of 2.918 billion RMB (including a tax of 2.785 billion RMB).

Under the leadership of All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives and China Co-ops Group, with the support by Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Environmental Protection and State Administration of Taxation and other government departments, CRDC is adopting the strategy emphasizing on comparative advantages ,giving judicious guidance according to circumstance as well as joint co-operation,which mainly targets on harmless treatment,resources and industrialization.Through our existing recycling stations,CRDC now is dedicated to constructing a national recycling network by using capital as the linkage and centering on projects with advanced technology.

Protecting resources and environment is the business for which CRDC have been doing.While cultivate a great band image, CRDC,as always spares no effort to implement industrialization,resource utilization and hazard-free treatment of resource recycling in China,to make contribution to a resource-conserving and environment-friendly society.